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Essential skincare products

The skin is the biggest organ in our body. And we are huge believers in essential skincare. We think it is very important to treat yourself and your skin well. At Elite Sothys Cleanser-Toner combo at Elitewe also believe in the french women’s method: Taking care of yourself and your skin from a very early age on.

The number one product that every woman should have is a great cleanser.

Types of essential skincare cleansers

For a younger audience, we would recommend foaming cleansers. They will remove unwanted dirt and excess from the skin.  Cleansers should be used at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.  Morning cleansing is very important because the skin is rejuvenating during the night. Cleansers also remove old cells before we apply any serum or cream.

For mature women, we propose milk cleansers. They are applied with cotton pads and should be rinsed with water.  Milky cleansers are more gentle and also hydrate your skin already during the application. They are great in combination with a toner that can be individually recommended to your skin needs, or used with micellar water. The milk cleansers should also be used both, mornings and evenings.

You may consider and choose from various Sothys cleansers and toners that can be recommended for your skin type. They are very specific to your skin needs. No matter if you have sensitive, dehydrated or oily skin – there is a milk cleanser in essential skincare just for you.


After your skin is properly cleansed and dried, it is very important to exfoliate your skin.  Exfoliation can be done at home on a weekly basis, and there are many types available:

  • Gommage exfoliators that need to dry on your skin and need to be rubbed off,
  • Scrubs, and
  • At-home peels

In our spa or in a Dermatology facility you will have access to even deeper exfoliators that can be applied monthly.

We think it is very important to work with your doctor or esthetician to achieve your best skin. To us, beautiful skin is a skin you want to confidently show even without make-up. So if you are going to do anything for yourself and want to improve the appearance of your skin, please start with a world-class cleansing and toning routine. And remember: Even the smartest, expensive, and effective serums and creams out there will not work unless your skin is properly cleaned.

If you have any questions about essential skincare or would you like to schedule one on one virtual consultation please give us a call or email us or simply request an appointment.

Inspiration and motivation during COVID-19 downtime

Elite is proudly featuring Solenne Briand, a national skin-care trainer. In her first Podcast, she will give some much-needed inspiration and Solenne Briand at Elitemotivation. Something that most of us need during the COVID lockdown.

Solenne was teaching several times at Elite Academy and shared her exceptional knowledge. She is a licensed esthetician and massage therapist originally from France. She joined Sothys USA as National Trainer and serves currently as their Training Coordinator nationwide. In her role, she is the face of the company and represents Sothys on all major shows and events. Before joining Sothys, she worked as a skin care specialist for other prestigious skincare brands, like La Prairie of Switzerland.

Her goal is to share her knowledge of skincare and contribute to the growth of the Spa Industry nationwide.

In her podcasts, she promotes her love for the industry, taking care of yourself and the newest trends in beauty.

Solenne publishes content on Facebook and has a website – Mindful Beauty – that addresses the needs of independent and professional estheticians. She will guide you to success, and provide a consistent support system to all Spa personal. She believes in a beauty industry that supports the health and wellbeing of everyone.  Solenne is also a regular educator at our academy.

We are very much looking forward to more inspiration, beauty advice, and much much more. Stay tuned for more content coming soon.

Eyebrows at Elite

Do you love your eyebrows?

Eyebrows are the frame of your eyes, highlight your best features, can make you look younger, or can make you look more professional.

I would also like to mention that well-maintained eyebrows make you look gorgeous even without make-up. I call it it is the cheapest face-lift you can get.

Some of you may have had some bad experiences in the past with brow tweezing or a poor wax shaping. But no matter what happened, there is always a solution when you find the right Eyebrow Specialist. And that is where I and the outstanding professionals at Elite are happy to help.
At Elite, we are trained to consider your eyes, the shape of your face, jaw-line, and lips. We will create a beautiful arch that will give you an instant eye and face-lift.

Every follow-up visit will improve your features, and we will also recommend eyebrow products to help in the process: From brow-serum to regrow hair, high definition gel to condition & color the hair for a fuller look, and brow pencils to fill any spots. I recommend follow up visits between 2-3 weeks depending on your individual hair growth.

And I have one rule: Stay away from tweezers.

It is such a good feeling when you have perfectly groomed eyebrows. Everything looks better. If your eyebrows are not on point – there is no point.

There is no better compliment to receive than someone telling you that your eyebrows look good.

And that, my dear clients, is my job. And I would be excited to start with a complimentary consultation for you!

Carina M.

Protect Your Skin from Indoor Pollution

Today, we want to take stock with you on indoor pollution. It is not the first type of pollution that comes to mind, but it is by far the most dangerous for us.

Did you know:

  • the air in our homes and offices is, on average,  8X more polluted than the outside air, and
  • we spend around 70 – 90% of our time indoors.

Understand where this pollution comes from. This pollution has many origins.

  • It can come directly from the building itself  (paint, construction materials, etc)
  • The decoration that we install  (carpet, plastic materials, candles, etc)
  • Our daily activity and habits  (household chemicals and cleaners, tobacco, etc)

With so many different origins, polluting microparticles overload the air.  The first good reflex is to ventilate our homes at least 15mins per day.

The first consequence is the increase in the reactivity of the skin: Have you noticed an increase in your client’s skin sensitivity or reactivity?  Are you noticing this more and more?  It is the effect of indoor pollution.  On top of that, there is a more significant presence of clogged pores.  And the skin is more prone to dehydration.

Some consequences of indoor pollution:

  • Wrinkles are more noticeable
  • The appearance of dark spots
  • Dull complexion
  • Premature aging

Our Sothys solution against indoor pollution:

Energizing Serum Energizing Serum
Objective: Depollute – Oxygenate
This powerful detoxifying and energizing cocktail is an incredibly gentle and light-textured serum. Designed to help the skin defend itself against the harmful effects of pollution



Depolluting Youth Cream


Depolluting Youth Cream
Objective: Rebalance the Microbiome

Pollution can cause an imbalance within the skin’s microbiome. The skin weakens and is less able to defend itself. Effective partner against daily aggression. Reveals the radiance of all skin types, even dull and stressed skins


 Depolluting Essence


Depolluting Essence
Objective: Anti-Pollution Shield
A new weapon in the fight against environmental stress. Works as a barrier against pollution. It envelops the skin in a hydrating veil.



Instant Energizing Corrector


Instant Energizing Corrector
Objective: Unify
An EE* cream that transforms during application to adapt to all skin tones and skin types. It contains encapsulated pigments to instantly target and correct any imperfections visible on the skin’s surface.



Radiance Energizing Ampoules


Radiance Energizing Ampoules
Objective: Immediately Smooth
Works as an instant transparent mask to visibly diminish wrinkles





Do you have questions about your hair? Or about a Root Touch Up?

Elite Root Touch-UpWe are here to help with your root touch up!

Call us to schedule a virtual one-on-one consultation with our hair color expert. We will make a color formulated especially for you. We can even walk you through the whole process.

  • If your hair has grown out, but the roots are pretty subtle.
  • Your dye job is a gentle change from your natural hair color.
  • You’re coloring a little gray, or you’ve gone from brunette to a different shade of brown.

If this sounds like you, our Root Touch Up colors will help. We will pick and mix the shade that best matches your hair and include all the tools and instructions you will need. We will even walk you through the process via facetime or zoom video conferencing.

Now, are you ready to cover those roots?  We are here to help with all hair, skin or beauty needs you have! And we will help you during this time to stay on top of your beauty routine with our professional advice and customized professional products. We only use the best products from Wella, Oribe, and Davines.

Call today or message us at 201-288-3136 to find out more. A consultation is always free!

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No bad hair days at Elite

Bad Hair Days? We can help!

Bad hair days? – We can help out!

While COVID-19 is still a real threat to our and our loved-ones lives, businesses are closed and stay-at-home orders are in effect, a lot of people struggle with their hair, their skin, and their styling. All employees at Elite miss you, our customers, dealy and can’t wait to welcome you again in our salon. During this lockdown, we still strive to be there for your beauty needs, as best as we can. We are utilizing online media, video conferencing and telephone to the maximum extent possible. This lock-down does not mean bad hair days for you! And because everyone’s hair-styling preferences are different, we have created this personalized on-line consultation tool, designed to help us recommend styling ideas, how-to instructions, and products to help you achieve your best personal style.

Call us for one-on-one digital  consultation and pick up your  customized  hair color kit. We also have plenty of tricks and tips to take good care of your hair, your skin, and your well-being during this time. We would love to hear from you and also hear your stories!

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We are here to help you live beautifully!

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