No bad hair days at Elite

Bad Hair Days? We can help!

Bad hair days? – We can help out!

While COVID-19 is still a real threat to our and our loved-ones lives, businesses are closed and stay-at-home orders are in effect, a lot of people struggle with their hair, their skin, and their styling. All employees at Elite miss you, our customers, dealy and can’t wait to welcome you again in our salon. During this lockdown, we still strive to be there for your beauty needs, as best as we can. We are utilizing online media, video conferencing and telephone to the maximum extent possible. This lock-down does not mean bad hair days for you! And because everyone’s hair-styling preferences are different, we have created this personalized on-line consultation tool, designed to help us recommend styling ideas, how-to instructions, and products to help you achieve your best personal style.

Call us for one-on-one digital  consultation and pick up your  customized  hair color kit. We also have plenty of tricks and tips to take good care of your hair, your skin, and your well-being during this time. We would love to hear from you and also hear your stories!

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We are here to help you live beautifully!

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Refresh your beauty routine

Refresh your beauty routine with our skin care professionals at Elite!Skin Care at Elite

Join us for a BEAUTY EVENT on Tuesday, August 20th, 6 pm – 8 pm

You will receive:

  • A complimentary skincare consultation with our experts,
  • 20% off any product purchase on that day, and
  • a glass of champagne.

If you don’t care for your skin it will be missing out on something that’s really good for it:
Even if you do not have blemishes, hyperpigmentation, severe acne, or any other problems, your face needs to be pampered by a trained professional to keep it healthy and free of skin issues.
Moreover, it is the best way to find out if your skin needs anything or how it is reacting to hormones, pollution, stress, and other elements. Our professional experts can help you truly understand your skin. And, not to mention, that amazing facial massage not only makes your skin glow but also destresses you and helps you relax.

Important benefits of the right skincare include:

  • Reducing stress and relieving psychological distress
  • Cleansing your skin
  • Preventing aging
  • Facial massages promote blood circulation
  • Rejuvenaton of your skin
  • Detoxifying the akin
  • Treat acne and acne marks
  • Eliminating whiteheads and blackheads
  • Opening up all the pores
  • Exfoliating your skin
  • Tightening your skin
  • Eliminating under-eye bags and dark circles
  • Facial masks make your skin soft and glowing
  • Boost the absorption abilities of your skin

Come in for our beauty event, refresh your beauty routine and find out more about how to boost your inner and outer care. Our experts will be waiting for you.

Refresh your beauty routine!

Join us for a BEAUTY EVENT at our Salon and Spa:

  • Get a complimentary skincare consultation with our experts,
  • 20% off any product purchase on that day,
  • and a glass of champagne.

FREE $50 gift card towards any facial for everyone!

Saturday, June 22nd, 10am – 2pm


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