Eyebrows at Elite

Do you love your eyebrows?

Eyebrows are the frame of your eyes, highlight your best features, can make you look younger, or can make you look more professional.

I would also like to mention that well-maintained eyebrows make you look gorgeous even without make-up. I call it it is the cheapest face-lift you can get.

Some of you may have had some bad experiences in the past with brow tweezing or a poor wax shaping. But no matter what happened, there is always a solution when you find the right Eyebrow Specialist. And that is where I and the outstanding professionals at Elite are happy to help.
At Elite, we are trained to consider your eyes, the shape of your face, jaw-line, and lips. We will create a beautiful arch that will give you an instant eye and face-lift.

Every follow-up visit will improve your features, and we will also recommend eyebrow products to help in the process: From brow-serum to regrow hair, high definition gel to condition & color the hair for a fuller look, and brow pencils to fill any spots. I recommend follow up visits between 2-3 weeks depending on your individual hair growth.

And I have one rule: Stay away from tweezers.

It is such a good feeling when you have perfectly groomed eyebrows. Everything looks better. If your eyebrows are not on point – there is no point.

There is no better compliment to receive than someone telling you that your eyebrows look good.

And that, my dear clients, is my job. And I would be excited to start with a complimentary consultation for you!

Carina M.