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Essential skincare products

The skin is the biggest organ in our body. And we are huge believers in essential skincare. We think it is very important to treat yourself and your skin well. At Elite Sothys Cleanser-Toner combo at Elitewe also believe in the french women’s method: Taking care of yourself and your skin from a very early age on.

The number one product that every woman should have is a great cleanser.

Types of essential skincare cleansers

For a younger audience, we would recommend foaming cleansers. They will remove unwanted dirt and excess from the skin.  Cleansers should be used at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.  Morning cleansing is very important because the skin is rejuvenating during the night. Cleansers also remove old cells before we apply any serum or cream.

For mature women, we propose milk cleansers. They are applied with cotton pads and should be rinsed with water.  Milky cleansers are more gentle and also hydrate your skin already during the application. They are great in combination with a toner that can be individually recommended to your skin needs, or used with micellar water. The milk cleansers should also be used both, mornings and evenings.

You may consider and choose from various Sothys cleansers and toners that can be recommended for your skin type. They are very specific to your skin needs. No matter if you have sensitive, dehydrated or oily skin – there is a milk cleanser in essential skincare just for you.


After your skin is properly cleansed and dried, it is very important to exfoliate your skin.  Exfoliation can be done at home on a weekly basis, and there are many types available:

  • Gommage exfoliators that need to dry on your skin and need to be rubbed off,
  • Scrubs, and
  • At-home peels

In our spa or in a Dermatology facility you will have access to even deeper exfoliators that can be applied monthly.

We think it is very important to work with your doctor or esthetician to achieve your best skin. To us, beautiful skin is a skin you want to confidently show even without make-up. So if you are going to do anything for yourself and want to improve the appearance of your skin, please start with a world-class cleansing and toning routine. And remember: Even the smartest, expensive, and effective serums and creams out there will not work unless your skin is properly cleaned.

If you have any questions about essential skincare or would you like to schedule one on one virtual consultation please give us a call or email us or simply request an appointment.