Organic spray-tan – Get gorgeous in minutes

Get a gorgeous organic spray-tan and beautiful radiant skin at the same time!

Organic spray tanning is definitely an excellent choice for everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of sunless tanning without harming their skins.

Organic spray tanning comprises of 100% organic and natural ingredients. This means no synthetic colors, parabens, alcohol, oil, perfume, and… is odor-free. The best thing about spray tanning is that you can get that sexy bronze glow without having to lie under the sun for hours, exposing yourself to various health risks associated with UV radiation. In an organic spray tan, wrinkles, dry skin, irritation, rashes, and other skin problems are diminished. This type of spray tanning binds the moisture in the skin and repairs skin cells that have been damaged by the harsh sun rays. This is done with nourishing ingredients, certified organic and safe synthetics, like Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and COQ10 that leave the skin better off than it started by hydrating, brightening, softening, negating free radicals (another way of saying combating sun damage) and creating elasticity.

In addition, organic spray-tan creates tans that last long and fade evenly because it intensively hydrates the skin. It also disguises cellulite and blemishes to produce an evenly toned body. And the price? It’s cheaper than you think!

$25 single session
$100 unlimited monthly access

So… why not try?

Elite Organic Spry Tan
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