​Summer Tips: How to Keep Hair, Skin and Nails Looking Their Best

Summer can be a great time to try out a new look, especially with your hair, skin or nails. And while many women are often afraid to try new things due to the risks associated with summer heat and humidity, here are some tips that will keep your new look hot and fresh.

Summer Hair

One easy remedy to the humidity is keeping your hair in its natural look and using certain products depending on the style. For straight hair, we recommend WELLA Leave-in Smoothing Cream $20, which will keep the hair nice and smooth. For dry hair we recommend moisturizing universal cream from DAVINES Momo/hair potion $23.50. For you curly haired ladies, the biggest summer mistake is to blow dry the hair. Instead, you should diffuse and use DAVINES Love/ curl cream $23.50 to enhance the curl.

Summer Skin

During summertime, it is imperative to keep the skin protected from the sun, especially if you’ll be exposing more of it. To prevent this, it is essential to take constant care of your skin by washing as much as possible with ENVIRON AVST Cleansing Lotion $48.60 (at least twice a day). The most important skin care item during the summer is always going to be sunscreen. This should be applied throughout the day when outside. We recommend ENVIRON SPF25 $39.60.

Summer Nails

Many people think that sunscreen only applied to the skin, but this is not true. As important as it is for your skin, it’s equally important for your nails. Make sure to apply lotion when you are going to be outside, especially deep in the cuticles to keep the nails moisturized. PURE FIJI Body Lotion $35 will help to maintain your hands and nails health and avoid cracking.