Preparing Your Skin for the Colder Months

PictureElite Skin Care for the Colder Months

What are the major steps in preparing your skin for the colder months?

Elite Hair Studio and Spa Estheticians recommend 3 basic steps you should follow: exfoliate, hydrate, repair/protect.

The problem is that we all know about skin protection in the summer. But when it comes to winter, we often fall short of certain things. For cleansers, nothing needs to change during the winter, but a few rules do apply. Cream cleansers are milder and better for really dry skin. If you have normal or oily skin, a gel cleanser works well. After cleansing, these are the three steps that you should follow, not just during the winter, but also year-round:

1. Exfoliate. In the winter your skin is constantly turning over, and that dead layer of skin needs to come off in a gentle fashion. That’s exfoliation. You can do it with scrub and cleanser or with a chemical exfoliant. (Our recommendation: Environ AVST Hydrating exfoliate masque)

2. Moisturize. You want to seal in as much moisture as possible in the winter. The old-school moisturizers were kind of greasy, heavy and laid on top of the skin. We now have moisturizers that actually pull water from the environment and provide a nice blanket of moisture. It will give your skin a nice drink of water all day long without making you feel greasy. Even if you have oily skin, it’s good because the more water you get into your skin, the less oily it will be. (We recommend: Environ Super Moisturizer)

3. Repair and protect. Just because it’s not summertime doesn’t mean you get a break from sunscreen. Even on a hazy day, you’d be amazed at how much UV you can get. (Elite Recommendation: Environ Sunscreen SPF 15)