8 Tips for a Safe Predicure


When it comes to pedicures, there are several facts and tips you would want to consider. It’s important to know exactly what a pedicure includes and what it involves. Generally speaking, a pedicure is a basic beauty treatment given to your feet. When receiving a pedicure, the practitioner will use oils to massage and soften your feet while removing dead skin with a scrub. She will also shape and beautify your toenails. In most cases, a pedicures involve a comprehensive foot treatment that allows you to relax and feel confident in the way your feet look.

Elite has 8 tips for a safe pedicure:

1. Elite will always take uttermost care of our instruments and tools. If you receive a treatment at a beauty salon or spa where you feel unsure you might want to consider bringing your own instruments. This will help decrease the risk of catching viruses, bacteria and fungus. Things to bring include: nail nipper, cuticle nipper, cuticle pusher and curettage cleaner.

2. Ask About Instrument Cleaning
Does the salon sterilize their instruments or do they just disinfect? Sterilization of instruments by autoclaving is the better choice.

3. Ask If the Salon and Technician Are Licensed
The salon and technician should both be licensed by their state governing board. Usually the board of cosmetology. The licenses should be clearly displayed at the salon.

4. Don’t shave your legs at least 24 hours before the appointment
Nicks and cuts from shaving create small openings in the skin where bacteria might enter. If you have any open sores, wait until they heal before getting a pedicure.

5. Tell your Technician about your medical conditions and medications
Certain medical conditions and medications can increase the risk of infection.

6. You should have no pain
Getting a pedicure at the salon should not be a painful experience. Find a pedicure salon that follows strict sterilization procedures and find a technician who does not cause pain or bleeding.

7. Don’t be afraid to discuss any of your feet conditions
Everyone wants soft looking heels when wearing sandals and open shoes. It’s feminine and sexy! Anyone can get beautiful heels by using a callus eliminator. The callus eliminator solution sits on the calluses for 3-4 minutes depending on callus buildup. It is then buffed away gently to remove the callus. This is a wonderful and safe (involving no dangerous razor blades) way to beautiful and soft feet that are free of calluses.

8. Always make sure that the technician uses fresh products
Nail polish should last form 3 to 4 weeks on your toes.